Sangkyun KimĀ 




Mr. Sangkyun Kim is an expert in Real Estate Law area and now advising numerous construction firms and real property developing companies. He has rich experience in real estate law related litigations and has shown distinguished performance.

He is also experienced in Medical Law related administrative and criminal lawsuits, and is well known for the excellent results in complex, highly disputed criminal cases.

Mr. Kim is advising Korean Association of Veterans with Military Merit and has shown great results in litigations related to its election.


  • Seoul High School
  • Bachelor of Arts, College of Law, Seoul National University
  • Certified attorney at law (50th Korean Bar Exam)
  • Completed Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korean Supreme Court
  • Former Associate Lawyer of Lawfirm First, and Lawfirm LawM
  • Lecturer in Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korean Supreme Court, and Myoung-ji University
  • Advisory Counsel of Myoung-ji University College of Future Convergence
  • Advisory Counsel of National Human Rights Commission of Korea

Practice Areas

Real Estate Law
Real estate distribution, lease, rebuilding
Medical Law
Health Insurance Law
Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
Family Law(Divorce, Inheritance)
Criminal Law
Intellectual Property Law