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Woorinuri is a pure Korean word for "my home" or "our world".

Woorinuri is a pure Korean word for “my home” or “our world”.

We will provide you with such comfort and warmth as home when you have difficult and distressing problems, and such trust and stability as home for those who want to start a new business. And for the members of Woorinuri, it stands for the place of mutual trust and love as anyone would feel at home.

We have teamed up for a very long time and have had impressive accomplishments with number of projects, consultations, and litigations through the years in various fields.

We will always be kind and sincere to all of our clients and visitors.

Thank you.

Park, Jong-ug

Managing Partner

Our Values

Woorinuri aims to be the best professional with warm hearts.


We have professional competencies for our clients.


We are devoted to providing the best solution for our clients.


We work for better and just society.







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