Chang-woo Byun





Mr. Chan-woo Byun is a Partner Lawyer of Woorinuri and actively performing important roles in Korean medical / healthcare area as described above while serving as the vice president of the Medical Lawyer Community.

He has long and rich experience in advising countless prominent medical institutions in Korea.

Mr. Byun has shown outstanding performance in medical malpractice lawsuits, Medical Law related administrative lawsuits, as well as numerous civil and criminal cases against insurance companies. He has advised establishments and divisions of medical institutions in various occasions, and has rich experience in advising nonprofit organizations such as establishment of Foundation for Korean Urologist’s Association, and Korean Hairdressers’ Association, etc.

Mr. Byun is one of the most famous and competent lawyers in Korean medical and healthcare law area and now representing clients in numerous meaningful and influential litigations.

He also has expertise in information and intellectual property area, such as litigations and consultations in Private Information Protection Act, Intellectual Property Act, and Trade Mark related disputes.


  • Banpo High School
  • Bachelor of Arts, College of Law, Yonsei University
  • Master of Arts, College of Law(Administrative Law), Yonsei University
  • Certified attorney at law (44th Korean Bar Exam)
  • Completed Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korean Supreme Court
  • Member of Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Appellate Standard Committee
  • Non-Standing Member of Korean Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency
  • Member of Institutional Review Board of Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  • Board Member of Legal Affair in Korean Community Hospital Association
  • Advisory Counsel of Korean Convalescent Hospital Association
  • Advisory Counsel of Korean Hairdressers’ Association

Practice Areas

Corporate consultations and litigations
Corporate Law
Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act
Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act
Trade Secret
M&A and Corporate Restructuring
Medical Law
Administrative Law
Real Estate Law