Jong-ug Park


Managing Partner


Mr. Jong-ug Park is the Representative Lawyer of Woorinuri. He has many experiences in corporate law area since early 2000s, mainly in M&A, defending against hostile M&A, re-listing of split corporations, and numerous corporate litigations and etc. thus recognized as one of the most highly reputable lawyers in corporate law area in Korea.

Mr. Park is also expertised in Medical and Healthcare Law with the  experience as a member of advisory committee under Korean Ministry of Health Welfare regarding the lawmaking of “ACT ON REMEDIES FOR INJURIES FROM MEDICAL MALPRACTICE AND MEDIATION OF MEDICAL DISPUTES” and representing the Ministry of Health and Welfare in the constitutional trial regarding the adjudication on the “BIOETHICS AND SAFETY ACT” and so on. He is currently serving as the chairman of Legal-Tax Committee of Korean Brand Medical Institution Association for years and consulting many prominent medical institutions in Korea.
Mr. Park has rich experience in real estate law and have consulted KORAMCO REITS&TRUST, and Daol Real Estate Trsut.

Mr. Park has rich experience in Entertainment Business Law. He consulted the establishment of the management company of the prominent Korean singer, actor, and international pop star, Rain (Mr. Ji-hoon Jung), and represented singer-song writer group Brown Eyed Soul in a litigation which was finally ruled in favor of the group in the Korean Supreme Court. He also advised numerous management contracts of Korean artists like rock band Buzz and now consulting number of management companies.


  • Changwon High School
  • Bachelor of Arts, College of law(Public Law), Seoul National University in 1991
  • Certified attorney at law (38th Korean Bar Exam in 1996)
  • Completed Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korean Supreme Court in 1999
  • Member of Seoul District Bar Association since 1999
  • Public-Service Advocate in Mil-yang District Korean Legal Aid Corporation 1999-2000
  • Public-Service Advocate in Korean Prosecutor’s Office headquarter (Information Technology and Communications Division) 2000-2002
  • Legal counsel of Korean Presidential Secret Service 2002-2003
  • Partner of law firm ‘Sae-gil’ 2004-2009
  • Partner of law firm ‘One’ 2009
  • Representative partner of law firm ‘First’ 2009-2012
  • Representative partner of law firm ‘LawM’ 2012-2015
  • Representative partner of law firm ‘WooriNuri’ since 2015
  • Current Administrative Judge of Presidential Secret Service
  • Current Chairman of Legal-Tax Committee of Korean Brand Medical Institution Association

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