Heewoo Park



Mr. Heewoo Park recently joined Woorinuri in Jan. 2021. He has sincere and faithful attitude toward his clients and members of Woorinuri, as well as keen insight and distinguished analysis with exceptional legal knowledge.

Mr. Park was an honor graduate in College of Law, finished School of Law, Seoul National University, which shall undoubtedly be the best college and school of law in Korea.

He actively participated in Corporate and Financial Law Society when in law school, and assisted publishing Medical Law Practice during his practical training period after the Bar admission, by which he could accumulate the knowledge and experience to advise companies and medical institutions.


  • Seoul Jamsil High School
  • Bachelor of Arts, College of Law, Seoul National University(honor graduate)
  • Master of Arts, School of Law, Seoul National University
  • Certified attorney at law (9th Korean Bar Admission Exam)

Practice Areas

Corporate Law
Corporate consultations and litigations
Medical Law
General civil, criminal, administrative, family lawsuits